Restaurants and Hotels product overview

Perfect lighting creates the right mood. CLS Fixtures are dimmable to very low values, without blinking but with significant savings on energy consumption. Our light sources have outstanding colour rendering capabilities, which makes ingredients look even fresher, dishes more beautiful than ever and it increases the readability of menu’s. Next to indoor lighting, we also offer exterior lighting for facades. The sustainable REVO series makes architecture stand out and create an inviting atmosphere that attracts passers-by.

> Indoor lighting

For restaurants, cafés and hotels we offer fixtures with extensive functionalities. For example, we offer solutions that combine work lighting and mood lighting, track and surface mounted options and a large choice in beam angles to create the perfect effect, regardless of the ceiling height. Create inviting atmospheres, where guests feel at home and make the dinner or stay a true experience. Thanks to the long lifespan and high quality of our fixtures, they only thing you will need to do for the coming years is to enjoy the effect of lighting that is just right.

Focus series

Focus HP Spot

Focus HP T DMX

Focus HP T 230V

Martina series

Martina Bracket

Martina Downlighter

Jade series

Jade B

Jade B Colour Flow & Tunable White

Jade C

Jade C Colour Flow & Tunable White

Jade S

Jade Retail and Food

Jade Colour Flow & Tunable White

Ruby series

Ruby Compact Pendant & Track

Ruby Compact Pendant Colour Flow

Ruby Pendant

Ruby Surface

Ruby Pendant Tunable White

Ruby Pendant Colour Flow

Emerald series

Emerald M

Emerald L

> Outdoor lighting

With the outdoor lighting from the REVO series, we offer you the tools to create outstanding effects and enhance the architecture of the building. Just that extra moody lighting on the terrace or transforming the whole building into an eye-catcher. The REVO series offers you the possibilities. The housing of the REVO is machined from a single block of aluminium and contains only the best components. Thanks to the extensive configuration possibilities, the lighting will match the architecture beautifully.

REVO Micro series

REVO Micro Basic

REVO Compact series

REVO Compact Basic

REVO Compact Basic Magno

REVO Compact DMX

REVO Compact Tunable White DMX

REVO Compact Colour Flow DMX


REVO Basic

REVO Basic Mains dimmable


REVO Basic Magno

REVO Colour Flow DMX

REVO Colour Flow

REVO Inground series

REVO Micro Inground

REVO Compact Inground

REVO Inground

REVO Inground DMX

REVO Inground Tunable White DMX-8

REVO Inground Colour Flow DMX-8

HYLO series

Hylo Compact

Hylo Compact Up or Down


Hylo Up or Down