All over the world, there is an increasing demand for extra warm light colours for use in theatres, concert halls, bars and restaurants as well as all other possible environments, where one wants to be able to create a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Over the last few years, CLS has developed itself to a leading manufacturer that offers light solutions for all kinds of thematic environments.
In order to create the right atmosphere at each location or venue, we see a high demand for warm colours. Where many other manufacturers continue to limit their options to white lighting in the standard colours 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, CLS has taken its work to new levels.

Our extended range of products offers you among others:

  • 2500K extra warm white for down lighters, rail and pendant fixtures from our collection.
  • Tunable white 1800K-3000K, 1800K-4000K and 2700K-5700K for rail and pendant fixtures.
  • Colour changing RGBW for both rail and pendant fixtures. (RGBA is available upon request)

We understand that there can be various situations in which you want to be able to program experiences, colours and dim values. In comparison to other brands and manufacturers of lighting, CLS is the only manufacturer that offers two different control systems for a large number: