CLS in the Main Hall of the renowned Dutch Concertgebouw

The Main Hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is one of the most unique venues of its kind, offering outstanding acoustic qualities.
It is also one of the greatest halls in the world when it comes to architecture and design.
Because of its uniqueness, it was quite the challenge to come up with a contemporary new light design, using high end LED armatures supplied by CLS. This is why the expertise of Theateradvies, a well-known advisor of cultural organizations, was called in.

The light design was carried out by Hans Wolff & partners in cooperation with Lichtconsult. Thanks to the marvelous design by Hans Wolff and Koen Smits, it is now possible to create a wide variety of atmospheres and settings, whilst of course still respecting the original design and architecture of the Main Hall.

In order to create the most beautiful DMX solutions, tailored to the needs of the Main Hall, the assistance of CLS was called in. In a newsletter that is to follow, we will inform you about the completely unique fixtures that were designed especially for the Concertgebouw.

Each fixture is equipped with special features and is the result of more than 3 years of research by our own excellent and innovative R&D team. We would like to start out with a little treat for you: an inspiring 3D video that was recently published by the Concertgebouw.