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To easily give all your fixtures a starting address, CLS has the CLS D-ta tester/addresser unit available. With this device you can give any fixture in your DMX-universe an address on channels 1-512, in just 4 steps. 

Before the start of step one, we assume that you have wired your DMX fixture(s).


Step 1: Press “DMX OUT” (orange)

Step 2: Press the “HEX/%” button (purple) 2 times, to show the DMX output(D)(purple arrow)

Step 3: With up and down you can change the DMX output (0-255) on the chosen channel (blue)

Step 4: With left and right you can change the DMX channel (green)

To give a fixture a startings address between 1 and 255, you have to make sure the DMX channel is set to 1. This channel alters the DMX output to 1-255.

As you can see in the image, the channel is set to 2. This channel alters the DMX output with a data value between 256 and 512. 

The DMX addresser will still show a value between 1 and 255, so you have to count upwards from 255 + added DMX output value to calculate the starting channel of your fixture.

To confirm the starting address on CLS fixtures, you need to put a magnet to the designated spot on the back of the fixture. This spot is easily recognizable by the dot on the back of the fixtures. 

When the lights flicker 10 times, something went wrong. Please try again. 


If the information above is to compact, we have a manual you can read.

In the manual we give an instruction about how to operate the device. In the manual we cover all possible settings. 

Download the manual here.


If you are interested in purchasing a CLS D-ta DMX tester/addresser unit, please contact your distributor or sales contact. 

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