Now even more effective light output available for Jade fixtures!

With the introduction of the new HP variant, CLS is offering light outputs of up to 4,500 lumens for the Jade S and Jade Expo fixtures. This is an increase of almost 40%!
This interesting new feature has been made possible by the development of a new heat sink in combination with the use of a more powerful LED light source.

led track lighting in furniture store in white

The new variants use the same light sources in terms of colour rendering, so they can be perfectly combined with the existing versions of these Jade fixtures.

40 led track light fixture in black and white

In the course of 2021, you can also expect HP versions of the Jade Zoom and Jade Colour Flow.

The light output of these variants will be around 30-40% higher than the existing versions and are therefore perfect for use in higher rooms or in areas where there is daylight access.

For more information, please contact your local CLS distributor.