Emerald Office L

15-20-28 & 41 Watt design downlighter.

Typical applications
All possible applications where users want to save on both energy- and maintenance costs by implementing a pure Dutch Design & Made high quality LED Lighting system.

Unique installation flexibility
For installation holes variable from 21-25 cm. All existing PL & CFL fixtures can be replaced with just one design form. With the variable mounting sizes you are not restricted in any way.

Very low UGR values for optimum comfort
Patent pending convex lens system offers a very low UGR value. Therefore the Emerald offers a much higher visual comfort than any other fabricates.

Large choice in versions
4 different Wattages.
4 different colour temperatures.
Different CRI values available.

All possible dimming methods available


Fixture configurator

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These are the Photometric and LDT files for the most popular configuration(s). Please contact us via info@cls-led.com if your choice is missing from the list.


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      miniature surface mounted lighting with zoom in black and white