REVO Compact Inground

10 Watt, IP67, inground fixture.
High grade Stainless Steel 316 front ring.
Available in a 24 VDC, 100~132 VAC or 180~264 VAC version.
Gel mold set for guaranteed waterproof connection.

Configurable in many ways
Large choice in light colour & beam angles.

Typical applications
All applications where a very compact inground fixture is required with a surprisingly high light output.

Condensation prevention
Ventilation Gland with Gore-Tex membrane, which minimizes the risk of condensation inside the fixture.

Sustainable design
Future proof; as all parts are easily interchangeable, the REVO Compact Inground will never be outdated.

More than 200 different configurations are possible. Create your own version within 30 seconds on our website.

Interchangeable optics
Lenses are fast and easily interchangeable for creating an optimal light setting on the job.

Fixture configurator

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