Lina Track RP

Extreme slim, linear rail fixture.

Innovative new technology
Remote Phosphor technology offers some big advantages;
The light is very soft and homogenic and shadow free, the beam angle can reach 120° and even with very cold light it’s possible to reach a CRI>90.

Perfect match with the Lina HP series
Choose the RP for general lighting and the HP for object and or paintings and you are able to create the perfect light setting with just one design shape.

Typical applications
Front desk lighting, office lighting, working space lighting, general lighting in public spaces & basically everywhere where a excellent light output needs to be combined with a sophisticated design.

Extreme compact
With a diameter of only 28 mm and an attractive oval design usable in all sorts of environments.

Create your own fixture
With a few simple mouse clicks you create the perfect lighting solution for your project.

Fixture configurator

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