Windmill, The Netherlands

The ‘Schiedamse molens’ foundation asked JHM Lighting to design an energy saving lighting concept to lighten restored windmill-monument ‘De Kameel’. The warm white version of the REVO is perfect for this project.

Unlike other windmills in Schiedam, which are often lit with cold, very wasteful energy lighting, ‘De Kameel’ is beautifully illuminated with only 16 REVO’s! The energy saving might run up to 80%!

With the REVO and its chosen beam angle, accurate lighting of this object was made possible, thus eliminating any annoying stray light. The maintenance costs are almost nil.

This project was partly funded by energy supplier E.ON.
Light designer: M. Wienecke / M.v.Eekelen
Installer: JHM Lighting

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