Casambi - CLS LED

CLS LED fixtures are controllable via many different protocols. Our fixtures are controllable through for example DMX, DALI or Magno-dimming. Lighting fixtures are getting more intelligent and smart lighting is getting more common. An increasing amount of CLS fixtures are available with the professional system of Casambi. The fixtures connect to eachother and the Casambi app on your smartphone, tablet or even smartwatch. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, a stable WiFi network is not necessary. The whole installation is controllable, whenever you are within range of just one of the fixtures.

The Casambi app is downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface of the app, everyone is able to control the lighting installation.

Casambi features


LED versions, power usage data, dimming curves and colour temperatures are all accesible from the app’s interface. Altering parameters is quick and easy. Just fill in the new values and send them to the fixture.


Using animations, you are able to let different lighting scenes flow into each other. Animations can be started to run once or in a continuous loop. Creating an engaging atmosphere was never this easy.


With Casambi you do not have to deal with a complicated system of names for the fixtures. Take a photo of the room and mark the positions of the lights in order to create an interactive map. This way, user(s) can easily select the fixture they want to control via the photo gallery.

Mesh network

Each and every ‘node’ (fixture) reproduces the information stored in the network. Because of this, there is no single point of failure in the network. The system organises itself and synchronises continously. Whenever a fixture goes offline, it just starts up again with help from the other fixtures.

Colour temperature

Casambi offers extensive possibilities for adjusting colour temperatures. At CLS we define the correct limits of a Tunable White fixture, so Casambi reflects the true values. This enables you to truly set the colour temperatures the way you want.


With the Casambi-system it is easy to upscale or downscale installations. Casambi works with groups, which are called ‘networks’. These networks can be grouped, in order to control them at once. Casambi’s scalability makes the protocol usable in every situation. From just one room to a whole museum or office building.

The Casambi app

The versatile Casambi app is available to download in the App Store for iOS and in the Play Store for Android. Do you want more or specific information about Casambi? Then please check the extensive knowledge base on the Casambi Support page.

Casambi controlled fixtures

A large selection of CLS LED fixtures is available with Casambi Bluetooth Control. Steeds meer armaturen van CLS zijn verkrijgbaar met de optie tot aansturing via Casambi. Check out all Casambi Controlled Fixtures via the button below. Download our Casambi manual.

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