Hollands paar

Particularly popular in the tourist shops are the delfts blue figurines of the Kissing Holland Couple in traditional clothing. The figurines are available in all sizes, but the unsurpassed version is recently placed in the western harbor area in Amsterdam.
The statues are no less than 10 !! meters high and are located along the North Sea channel. A nice welcome for the thousands of passengers of the many cruise ships that are mooring in Amsterdam every year.

The unique artwork was supposed to be illuminated subtly by means of changing color schemes. CLS immediately said yes to the request from the Lighting Design office Rapenburg Plaza in Amsterdam, whether it was possible to design a REVO Inground RGBW with Direct DMX control for this artwork.

Thanks to the unique modular design and building structure of CLS fittings, it seemed to be possible to supply the fixtures within 10 weeks after the request.

You can see the result on the photos. The REVO Inground will soon be available as the standard fixture in the CLS portfolio. Variants are among others: Single Colour, RGBW, RGBA and Tunable White. All power and DMX electronics are integrated in the fixture.

For questions about this project or for your own special project, please contact your local CLS-contact.

Used fixturesRevo Inground ColourFlow DMX-8
Control methodDMX
Project byRapenburg Plaza

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