Slovak Technical Museum

The STM (Slovak Technical Museum) in Kosice, Slovakia opened its doors back in 1948. In the country of Slovakia, great numbers of minerals, mines and various industries can be found. Because of this, the country has been known as one of Europe’s most prominent and leading countries when it comes to technology.

The Slovak Technical Museum is now home to a collection of no less than 14,000 artefacts that can be specified in three different categories: physics, chemistry and astronomy. Throughout the museum, a stunning number of 15 different permanent exhibitions can be found. Besides that, it also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions.

The Transport Museum in Bratislava is part of the Slovak Technical Museum and of course, the building requires good lighting in order to display the artefacts in the best possible way. CLS partner City Light Slovakia therefore supplied the Transport Museum with the Jade Expo in the 3000K, CRI>95 variant. The Jade Expo is a remarkably versatile fixture that is ideal for use in museums. Thanks to the CLS beam shapers, switching to new beam angles only takes a matter of seconds. There are 5 different beam angles to choose from, including an oval beam. Furthermore, you can choose from no less than 6 different control methods. The Jade Expo can be equipped with either Citizen or Xicato light sources in 3 different CRI values, which enables you to create just the right lighting for your purposes.

Used fixturesJade Expo
Led colour(s)3000K
Project byCity Light Slovakia
Project forSlovak Technical Museum

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