Provincial Council meeting room

The Provincial Council is the highest administrative body of the province of Gelderland. Members of Parliament represent the inhabitants of Gelderland, determine the broad outlines of the province’s policy, and supervise its implementation.

To be able to continue their work under the right working conditions and record the meetings on camera, the audiovisual system was renewed. This was necessary, among other things, because the system no longer fully functioned, was outdated, and did not meet the current requirements in accordance with (public) meetings.

There were many requirements for the new lighting. AV-Adviesbureau requested a quote from three professional light suppliers, of which Lichtpunt from Groningen was able to provide the best solution for the requirements.

The solution for this project has become the CLS Krypton fixture, 3000K, with extra small connector, 22° lenses, and a honeycomb filter against glares.

Read more about this project: Provincial Council meeting room case story English

Used fixturesKrypton
Led colour(s)3000K
Control methodDMX
Project byLichtpunt
Project forProvince of Gelderland, The Netherlands

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