Good lighting enhances the architecture of churches, ensures safely lit paths, and enables literature (hymnals, prayer books, notices) to be easily read. In addition, high-quality LED is energy efficient, and maintenance is kept to a minimum. On this page, you will find a selection of luminaires for churches. Including fixtures featuring dimming without the need for additional cabling or equipment, which is often undesirable in historic buildings. CLS LED fixtures are also available in variants that can produce all possible light colours, combining regular lighting and lighting suitable for special events, such as concerts. Feel free to contact us for advice. Our specialists have plenty of experience with churches and are happy to help you find the best solution.

Indoor lighting church


High ceilings, vaults, well-lit walkways, opportunities for special events and focussed attention in particular places (the choir, pulpit or works of art). The lighting should ideally subtly blend into the space. In short, there are many things to consider when illuminating a church. Our luminaires offer you a wealth of possibilities. Thanks to the durability and high quality of our luminaires, you will be able to enjoy the effect of good lighting for many years to come. Feel free to contact us for more information about improving your individual situation. Our experts are happy to help.

Outdoor lighting church Renesse


From towns to cities, churches are almost always the landmark of a locality. The right lighting enhances the historical ecclesiastical architecture and allows the church to be a beautiful landmark even when the sun has set. Due to our Revo series’ extensive choice of configurations, it is possible to specify the lighting precisely as desired. This versatility makes it possible to precisely control the light intensity, choose exactly the best beam angle, and choose different shades of white light. It all contributes to the fact that light enhances the experience without hindering humans and animals.  

Event lighting church


Most of our fixtures can create functional white light and coloured light, from warm subtle white light to exuberant colours. You can connect the lighting to the event without needing to purchase or rent special lamps. You can also choose from various controls, including an easy-to-use wireless control with Casambi, which can be operated via a smartphone or tablet. We are happy to explain more about this to you. By combining regular white light and coloured light, your locations ready for services as well as special celebrations or concerts with one solution. 


Johanneschurch, Leersum
St. Jan Den Doper Church, Leimuiden
Saint Anna Church, Nijmegen
Noorderchurch, Hoorn
Old Jan Church, Velp
Lebuinus Church, Deventer
De Samenstroom, Wieringerwerf
New Church, Den Helder
Martinuschurch, Heeze

Saint John the baptist Church, Klundert
The Cathedral Tower, Utrecht
Jacobus Church, Renesse
Village Church, Vorden
New Church, Den Helder
The Olle Church, Hoogkerk
Laurentius Church, Kimswerd
Reformed Church, Kampereiland
Saint Willibrord Church, Oestgeest

Hartebrug Church, Leiden
Old Church, Amsterdam
East Church, Groningen
Old Church, Rijswijk
Ontmoetingskerk, Zevenaar
UVC Nijverdal, Nijverdal
Crypt Eusebius Church, Arnhem
Saint Brigida Church, Noordbeek
Saint Urbanus Church, Bovenkerk


For all frequently used fixtures in churches, it is possible to create functional white light in addition to coloured light using the Tunable White LED modules. This means that a fixture offers a wide range of dimmable white LED colours, ranging from cold white light to warm white light. This way you can achieve the best results for your recordings, from atmospheric light to functional light. Here too, you can choose from various operating systems, including an easy-to-use wireless control with Casambi. This can be operated via a smartphone or tablet. We would be happy to explain more about this to you. 

Save up to 80% in energy and maintenance costs
Energy and maintenance costs for conventional lighting


LED lighting is more sustainable than the alternatives and is more and more seen as a logical choice for replacements. At CLS, we think it is important to work sustainably in our production process and reduce waste. This resulted in fixtures that offer a lifetime of no less than 50,000 hours on average, resulting in fewer replacements, fewer repairs and less use of natural resources, materials, and energy. Read more about how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals with our LED lighting below.


Our fixtures are developed and produced in the Netherlands. We only use the best components, and the modular design of our fixtures makes it easy to make upgrades or changes. Our in-house R&D team gets enthusiastic when confronted with complex lighting challenges, that require a product that needs alterations, or that is not in the market yet. They will create something perfectly suited to your needs and wishes.

That is CLS — Creative Lighting Solutions.



> 20-40 W – <3848 lm

Colour, high light output, zoom and various mounting options with one design -the Jade is a solution for unlimited situations. View the product series via the button.


> 30-110 W – <8500 lm

The Ruby is pre-eminently a fixture for use in churches and can be supplied with various mounting options. The fixture is suitable for very high ceilings.


>30 W – <2727 lm

The timeless and compact design of this tube fixture subtly blends into the environment and is available in many configurations due to its modular design.


> 5-80 W – <8500 lm

The IP67 rated Revo is a sustainable and timeless solution for outdoor lighting. Available in all possible configurations, including wireless control via Casambi.


Would you like to know more about our solutions for churches and other religious buildings? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you. You can leave your question in the form below, and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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Bert GerritsenH. Willibrordkerk Oegstgeest
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“We are delighted with the result, and I have heard nothing but praise from church visitors about how well the high altar is lit. The REVO spots burn at 100%, and that has indeed worked out as you had estimated: it allows the dark wood to come into its own.”

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