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The St. Urbanus Church (Bovenkerk) is a Roman-Catholic church in Bovenkerk, in the municipality of Amstelveen. The church was designed by the famous architect Pierre Cuypers. The construction of the church started in 1875 and 13 years later, in 1888, the church was consecrated.
The Bovenkerk dates from the Gothic Revival period. This is reflected in the magnificent arches and pillars that are present in the church.

For the illumination of the building, the Ruby Pendant and the REVO Track are used. The organ and the altar are illuminated by means of the REVO Track. The nave of the church is illuminated with the Ruby Pendant.
The new Ruby series is characterized by the multiplicity of dimming and control options.
Even Bluetooth dimming is one of the possibilities. In particular in monumental buildings, this means that dimming can perfectly be realized without cabling work.
With an effective light output of 1500-6000 lumens, there are not many situations where the fixture is not applicable. In addition, the Ruby series offers a wide choice of light colors, CRI values and light opening angles.

For lighting specific objects, the REVO Track series has been chosen.
Due to the particularly high-quality lens technology, it is possible to create tightly defined light beams, even from large distances. This results in an optimal exposure of the objects without ‘light spill’ on the environment.
With the REVO, it is possible to change optics in a particularly rapid and simple way. In this case this meant that it was possible to realize the most optimal setting on the location itself.
In this case, the REVO Track is provided with a mains dimmable power supply.
Due to the multiple combination possibilities of the both fixtures, it was possible to create an optimum light image with only 2 design forms.

Used fixturesRevo Track, Ruby Pendant
Project forSt Urbanuskerk, Bovenkerk

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