Unprecedented accurate dimming without the need for external controls and complex cabling systems. By means of a small magnet, a dimming value can be stored in the fixture. Here you can see how the CLS Magno Dim operates.

CLS performance zoom

An optical zoom system for, among others rail fixtures, that offers a light efficiency that is twice as high as comparable zoom optics and also offers a particularly nice light beam with outstanding beam angles.

CLS DTC Dynamic Temperature Control

A system that, under all circumstances, ensures that both electronics and LED light sources in a fixture do not overheat so that the life time of all essential parts of the fixture is maximized.

CLS DPC Dynamic Power Control

Dynamic Power Control results in a 25% higher light output for Tunable White & Colour changing fixtures by means of advanced electronics.


CLS DMX Hybrid Dim offers superior dimming over traditional PWM dimming. It eliminates in 99% of all cases so called flickering effects when using a photo– or video camera. Completely developed in house by the CLS R&D team, we have the possibility to offer Customized-dimming curves.

CLS DMX Analog Dim

CLS DMX Analog Dim offer a complete PWM free dimming system. Flickering effects are not present at all. The DMX Analog Dim system is very suitable for all applications where PWM dimming is not allowed (Breeam) or for other reasons not desired. CLS DMX Analog Dim is available in the LDC-41 GII dimmer / driver and several fixtures with build in DMX.

CLS DCC Dynamic Colourflow CoB

LED modules up to 120 Watts with superior colours and white light display, from 1 sourcepoint for perfect shadow-free exposure of spaces and objects. Available as RGBW and Tunable White versions.

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