Many studies have shown that lighting is of great influence on our well-being. Good lighting contributes significantly to how we experience our environment. A lighting scheme that is experienced as comfortable, ensures that we maintain a level of maximum productivity.

An ideal work environment, leading to optimum performance, can be created by adjusting the light to the seasons, in combination with the applicable line of work. In addition, LED lighting fixtures in our view can certainly look nicer than traditional fluorescent and PL fixtures. Employees will certainly appreciate it and therefore perform better, if the company invests in the working environment, where after all they spend a large part of their lives.

Cost reductions
An investment in high quality LED lighting leads to significant cost reductions and an increase in value of office buildings. 30% Of all energy costs in an office building are for lighting. Considering that with our LED fixtures, cost reductions of 80% on power consumption are possible in comparison to traditional light sources, it is clear that such an investment never disappoints. Due to the extremely long life expectancy, the high maintenance costs of replacing traditional light sources are also no longer an issue.



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