The lighting in offices and commercial buildings largely determines how we experience the space. In a well-lit area, employees feel more comfortable, focus better and are more productive. In addition, efficient LED lighting contributes to making business premises more sustainable. From lowering the energy label to intelligent lighting control as part of a smart office. CLS LED fixtures for offices make business premises ready for the future.


The uniform lighting of workspaces with as little insight into the light source as possible forms the basis of the lighting plan. In addition, high energy savings are potential with efficient LED lighting. Definitely, when this is combined with smart control via Casambi, it is also possible to (automatically) dim or switch off lighting when rooms are not in use.


Sometimes, perfect work lighting with good colour rendering (high CRI) is best achieved with individual fixtures at desks or counters, particularly in places where ceiling fixtures are difficult to mount, or a lower light level between the workstations is desired. In addition to saving energy, it is also possible for employees to switch lighting on or off individually.


Let business premises still be a landmark when it is dark. The proper lighting strengthens the architecture and the brand. Our ColourFlow fixtures allow you to illuminate a commercial building in colour—for example, the corporate colours or colours for special occasions. With the wireless control via Casambi, the fixtures can be operated without additional cabling.


Provincial Council meeting room, the Netherlands
Unitversity Leiden, the Netherlands
Corendon, Curaçao
Champions UK PLC, England
World Horti Centre, the Netherlands
Radio Veronica Studio, the Netherlands
Green Office Amercialaan, the Netherlands
Kahuna, the Netherlands

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Hospital Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
Kulturhus Jachtlust, the Netherlands
Theatre School Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Audiosales, Italy
Armada Studio, the Netherlands
Rabobank Twello, the Netherlands
Octopus media, the Netherlands

Pott International, Germany
Kanngieser Wuppertal, Germany
Slingeland Hospital, the Netherlands
KPN Experience, the Netherlands
Sanofi office, Ireland
Le Clerq Plan development, the Netherlands
Van Ooijen Gardners, the Netherlands
ECG Wijchen, the Netherlands
Vision Park, the Netherlands

Beautiful pastel shades, deeply saturated colours, and excellent renderings of white tones. The possibilities are endless with CLS ColourFlow fixtures. Set accents or transform entire indoor and outdoor spaces. You can do this from the palm of your hand with control via Casambi, via a user-friendly app. Or choose (Wireless) DMX to control to a fraction of a second. The flexibility of the ColourFlow fixtures makes it an ideal solution for meeting rooms, reception areas or rooms with various purposes, such as events. The exterior lighting of the Revo ColourFlow Series also brings these possibilities to the exterior so that business premises can also be identified when dark.
Save up to 80% in energy and maintenance costs
Conventional lighting


LED lighting is more sustainable than the alternatives and is more and more seen as a logical choice for replacements. At CLS, we think it is important to work sustainably in our production process and reduce waste. This resulted in fixtures that offer a lifetime of no less than 50,000 hours on average, resulting in fewer replacements, fewer repairs and less use of natural resources, materials, and energy. Read more about how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals with our LED lighting below.


Our fixtures are developed and produced in the Netherlands. We only use the best components, and the modular design of our fixtures makes it easy to make upgrades or changes. Our in-house R&D team gets enthusiastic when confronted with complex lighting challenges, that require a product that needs alterations, or that is not in the market yet. They will create something perfectly suited to your needs and wishes.

That is CLS — Creative Lighting Solutions.



> 15-41 W – <4036 lm

The Emerald is a very versatile fixture. Configurable with choices in power, colour temperature, control and housing. Also available in an Office variant, with a lower UGR (view) value, making the lighting comfort even greater.


> 20-40 W – <3848 lm
Zoom, Tunable White, ColourFlow and various mounting options with one design – the Jade is a solution for an infinite number of situations. View the product series via the button or configure the Jade and discover all the possibilities.


> 6-24 W – <4200 lm
The Lina series offers a unique combination of an extremely slim and compact design in combination with a highly effective light output. Available with track adapter, clips (surface mounted), and a pendant luminaire.


> 5-80 W – <8500 lm
Solid aluminium, the best components and a modular design – the Revo is a sustainable solution. Available in all possible configurations. Create fantastic experiences with Casambi without additional infrastructure.


Would you like to know more about our solutions for offices and other business premises? Please contact us, we are happy to help. You can leave your question in the form below, and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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