Product overview for offices

The lighting in offices and commercial buildings largely determines how we experience the space. In a well-lit area, employees feel more comfortable, focus better and are more productive. In addition, efficient LED lighting contributes to making business premises more sustainable. From lowering the energy label to intelligent lighting control as part of a smart office. CLS LED fixtures for offices make business premises ready for the future.

> Ceiling lights

The uniform lighting of workspaces with as little insight into the light source as possible forms the basis of the lighting plan. In addition, high energy savings are potential with efficient LED lighting. Indeed when this is combined with smart control via Casambi, it is also possible to (automatically) dim or switch off lighting when rooms are not in use.

Emerald series

Emerald Office M

Emerald M

Emerald L

Emerald Office L

Mika series

Mika Colour Flow & Tunable White


Jade series

Jade B

Jade B Colour Flow & Tunable White

Jade C

Jade C Colour Flow & Tunable White

Jade S

Jade Colour Flow & Tunable White

Lina series

Lina Clip HP

Lina Clip DF

> Desks and counters

Sometimes, perfect work lighting with good colour rendering is best achieved with individual fixtures at desks or counters, particularly in places where ceiling fixtures are difficult to mount, or a lower light level between the workstations is desired. In addition to saving energy, it is also possible for employees to switch lighting on or off individually.

Lina series

Lina Clip HP

Lina Clip DF

Ruby series

Ruby Compact Pendant & Track

Ruby Compact Pendant Colour Flow

> Outdoor lighting

Let business premises still be a landmark when it is dark. The proper lighting strengthens the architecture and the brand. Our ColourFlow fixtures allow you to illuminate a commercial building in colour—for example, the corporate colours or colours for special occasions. With the wireless control via Casambi, the luminaires can be operated without additional cabling.

REVO Micro series

REVO Micro Basic

REVO Compact series

REVO Compact Basic

REVO Compact Basic Magno

REVO Compact DMX

REVO Compact Tunable White DMX

REVO Compact Colour Flow DMX

REVO Basic series

REVO Basic

REVO Basic Mains dimmable


REVO Basic Magno

REVO Colour Flow DMX

REVO Colour Flow

REVO XL & XXL series

REVO XL DUO DMX Tunable White



REVO XXL DUO DMX Tunable White


REVO Inground series

REVO Inground

REVO Inground DMX

REVO Inground Tunable White DMX-8

REVO Inground Colour Flow DMX-8

REVO Micro Inground

REVO Compact Inground

HYLO series


Hylo Compact

Hylo Up or Down

Hylo Compact Up or Down