Revo XXL Tunable White DMX

With the Revo XXL Tunable White DMX, lighting designers have never had so many possibilities. Whether you want two different temperatures of white light in each section, or four different types of light, this light fixture can do it all. Plus, with individual control over each section, you can create truly unique lighting effects that will set your design apart from the rest. For example, choose two 1800-4000K sections for a very warm white look, and two 2700-5700K sections for an extremely large Tunable White range.

  • Max. 80 Watt
  • CRI > 80

> Information

80 Watt, IP67, surface mount fixture in many configurations.
CNC cut, massive aluminium housing.

2 fixtures in a single design housing

The Revo XXL DMX is truly unique; lighting designers can choose (if desired) different light colours & different beam angles per section.
Each section is DMX controllable. This offers completely new possibilities for designers.

Optimal adjustment of the light beam

The bracket construction of the Revo XXL offers perfect adjustment and alignment.

Condensation prevention

Ventilation Gland with Gore-Tex membrane, which minimizes the risk of condensation inside the fixture.


More than 800 different configurations are possible.
Create your version within 30 seconds on our website.

Interchangeable optics

Lenses are fast and easily interchangeable.

Easy installation

All electronics fully integrated, no external drivers required.
Easy installation with 5 core DMX combi cable & Wago connectors.

Number of DMX channels needed per LED colour

Number of DMX channels needed
LED colour 1 2 3 4
Single colour
Tunable White
To read more about DMX, click here

Downloads and accessories

Led colours




Control methods



> Specifications

TypeRevo XXL Tunable White DMX, Outdoor surface mounted fixture
ColourBlank or black
MaterialAnodized aluminium
Weight5750 gram
Swivel360° horizontal | 270° vertical
Ambient temperature-10ºC to 40ºC

Optics8º | 12º | 30º | 60º | 80º | 12x46º
Light sourceHigh Power LED
CRI> 80
LED colours1800K-4000K | 2700K-5700K

Power consumptionMax. 80 Watt
Power supply100~240 VAC
DriverDriver included | Driver internal
DimmingCasambi | DMX512 | Wireless DMX
ConnectionCable with open end
Cable length200 cm

IP ratingIP 67
Protection class3

Lifetime50.000 hours
Warranty3 years

TechnologiesDynamic Power Control | Dynamic Temperature Control
RemarksGore-Tex membrane to avoid condensation.
architectural lighting fixture with tunable white led modules