Facade lighting accentuates the architectural features and adds depth to the design. Through extensive interaction with lighting designers and architects in this field, we are familiar with the diverse requirements that are set, resulting in various luminaire series that are highly valued. Our luminaires are available in many configurations, offering choices in control options, beam angles, and light colors. In addition to high quality and innovative techniques, all our luminaires are also IP67 classified.


Facade lighting emphasizes the architectural details of a building and transforms it into a masterpiece of light and shadow at night. It enhances safety and ensures clear visibility of entrances. Modern LED fixtures make facade lighting energy-efficient and sustainable, resulting in lower costs and reduced ecological impact. Illuminated facades have greater appeal and elevate the prestige of a building. In short, facade lighting is an investment in both aesthetics and functionality, and is indispensable in modern architecture.


Inground LED fixtures provide subtle yet effective lighting for facades and monumental buildings. They accentuate architectural features, create dramatic effects, and enhance the aesthetics of buildings during the evening and night. With their energy-efficient LED technology and long lifespan, they are sustainable and cost-effective for illuminating these important structures. These fixtures are ideal for lighting artworks and sculptures on facades. Inground fixtures offer flexibility and aesthetic benefits for illuminating facades and monumental architecture.


Illuminating facades in colour gives buildings a dynamic appearance and creates a unique atmosphere. It attracts attention, reinforces brand identity, and offers flexibility for seasonal themes and special occasions. With energy-efficient ColourFlow fixtures, which are environmentally friendly and artistically expressive, buildings are transformed into living canvases. Colourful facade lighting provides aesthetic appeal and practical benefits for a distinctive and vibrant environment.

CLS fixtures are utilized in the following modern and monumental buildings worldwide:

De Appel 2.0, Netherlands
House of Music, Hungary
FCDO London, United Kingdom
Watertoren, Netherlands
Kasteel Wijchen, Netherlands
Musik Verein, Austria
Kloveniersdoelen, Netherlands
Bistro Bizarre, Belgium
Vliegend Hert, Netherlands
Gashouder Westerfabriek, Netherlands

Water Tower, Netherlands
PHIVE, Australia
Koppelpoort, Netherlands
Moza Nasser Al-Hashan Mosque, Kuwait
Muziekverein, Austria
Oude Kerk, Netherlands
Koninklijke Schouwburg, Netherlands
Prinsenhof, Netherlands
Plaspoelpolder, Netherlands
‘T Klooster, Netherlands

Consulate House Batumi, Georgia
Maison ACBN, Netherlands
Museum Volkenkunde, Netherlands
‘T Manneke, Netherlands
Mercure Hotel, Latvia
Arsenaal 1318, Netherlands
Stadshuis Middelburg, Netherlands
Bell Rock Hotel Europa-Park, Germany
White Restaurant, Georgia
Soldaat van Oranje, Netherlands



All our outdoor fixtures are IP67 rated. They remain so even when a component needs to be replaced, thanks to the modular design.


The individually positionable lenses are quick and easy to interchange for optimal adjustment. This also allows for the creation of very narrow beams.


We are happy to assist in exploring how to best realize your vision with our fixtures through an on-site demo setup.

Bespaar tot wel 80% aan energie- en onderhoudskosten
Energie- en onderhoudskosten conventionele verlichting


LED lighting is more sustainable than alternatives and is increasingly seen as a logical choice for replacements. At CLS, we prioritize sustainability in our production process and waste reduction. This has led to fixtures that have an average lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, resulting in fewer replacements, fewer repairs, and reduced use of natural resources, materials, and energy. Read below to learn more about how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals with our LED lighting.


Our fixtures are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. We only use the finest components, and the modular design of our fixtures makes it easy to make upgrades or modifications. Our in-house R&D team gets excited when faced with complex lighting challenges that require a product to be customized or that is not yet on the market. They will create something that perfectly fits your needs and desires.

That’s CLS – Creative Lighting Solutions.



> 6-20W – < 2000 lm

The Hylo Series is a range of LED fixtures designed for both modern and monumental facades. It has an IP67 rating, which means it can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. The Hylo Series also features easily interchangeable optics.


> 5-80W – < 8500 lm

The IP67 Revo Series is perfect for various applications due to its many configuration options, thanks to the modular design. With interchangeable optics and lenses, the Series can be customized to meet the needs of any application.

REVO inground

> 10W - < 800 lm

The IP67 Revo Inground Series is a versatile, durable lighting fixture series with high light output and is equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane to prevent condensation in the cable gland and ensure long-lasting performance.


> 80W – < 8500 lm

The Quartz is a powerful fixture where all electronics are fully integrated, eliminating the need for external drivers. It delivers up to 8500 lumens of effective light output from a compact fixture that only measures25 x 25 cm.


If you would like more information about our facade lighting solutions, please contact us. We are here to assist you. You can leave your inquiry in the form below, and we aim to get back to you within 24 hours!

Olivier TorresTechnical Sales Manager ESL - France
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"CLS manufactures top-notch LED fixtures for the architectural and retail markets. They offer an extended range of high quality, reliable, stylish and affordable luminaires, all designed and built in the Netherlands. We see more and more opportunities to integrate them into our projects."

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