Dimming plays a crucial role in modern lighting systems, allowing users to adjust the brightness levels to create the desired ambiance, save energy, and enhance visual comfort. The articles below aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of dimming, its significance, and how it affects lumen output.

Dimming fixtures allow users to adjust brightness according to their specific requirements, creating a customized lighting experience. To learn more about how various dimming methods reduce the output intensity of a light source, click below. 

Ruby Compact Pendant RGB light in black and white

To learn more about what CLS fixtures are compatible with analogue dimming / Constant Current Reduction, Hybrid dimming, and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming, click on read more below. 


Dimming is widely employed in different settings to achieve specific lighting effects, enhance visual comfort, and conserve energy. Let’s have a look at some common applications:

  1. Residential: Dimming is generally used in homes to create different moods and ambiances. Whether it’s setting a cosy atmosphere in the living room or creating a relaxing environment in the bedroom, dimming provides the ability to tailor lighting to suit personal preferences.

  2. Commercial: In commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, and restaurants, dimming can play a vital role in improving occupant comfort and energy efficiency. By adjusting lighting (brightness)? levels based on natural light availability or specific tasks, dimming helps create a more productive and inviting environment.

  3. Architectural: Dimming finds extensive use in architectural lighting designs, where highlighting specific features or creating dramatic effects is essential. Whether it’s accentuating building facades, sculptures, or interior spaces, dimming allows precise control over the lighting, enabling designers to achieve their creative vision.


If you require assistance or have specific queries regarding dimming, our R&D team can answer your questions. Our experts are well-versed in the subject and can provide support on dimming systems, compatibility, troubleshooting, and more. Contact us for prompt and professional assistance.


> 45W ~ 90W – Up to 2727 lm

Consisting of 15 product variations and hundreds of configurations, the Ruby series is an enormously versatile fixture. A compact version of the Ruby is also available, for when a slightly lower output is needed and a smaller form factor is preferred.


> 93W – RGB + White light

The perfect solution for (large) venues. Dimmable and white light combined with RGB in one housing. Both sections offer a choice in beam angles. Thanks to the enormous light output, the Krypton can be used where heights exceed 18 meters.


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