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Company history
CLS Headquarters

CLS LED b.v. was founded in 2002 and is part of a holding group that has more than 30 years of experience in the world of professional lighting. As a result of a stable and solid company policy during 30 years we have a strong financial position combined with a thorough knowledge of the wishes of customers in the architectural, the retail and the entertainment world.

Our projects portfolio shows just some examples of hundreds of projects that have been realized.

What makes our products unique
Unique products

As a result of our unique modular design structure for a large part of our product portfolio, we are able to offer thousands of product variants with only a limited number of product groups. Architects and designers worldwide appreciate the fact that with our unique approach, they are always able to find the perfect lighting solution for any lighting project.

Besides that we don’t compromise in our approach towards quality. Only the very best components are being used for our products. 50.000 hours of lifetime for a LED light fixture is only possible if the LED’s, the cooling body and the power supply are of a superior quality. In order to obtain the maximum light output the use of high quality optical lenses and reflectors is an absolute must.

CLS is one of the few manufacturers of the world that does not compromise in any way.

Research & Development
Temperature closet

CLS has a team of young and enthusiastic industrial designers and engineers who started their careers directly by developing LED lighting products. Due to their age they have a more open state of mind towards the design and production of our products.

Through advanced software 3D models are designed that come alive by so called Rapid Prototyping.

CLS develops products merely by market requests. Our engineers are being involved in meetings with customers and installers worldwide. As a result of our extrovert and refreshing design processes, we are regularly asked to design customer specific solutions. The knowledge that is being gathered during the design of customer specific solutions is often translated into more commercial products that find their way to customers worldwide.

In House Production
CLS production department

CLS produces her fixtures in the Netherlands. This offers two major advances; first the quality of the fixtures is superior towards fixtures that are produced in the Far East. Secondly the delivery times are much more faster.

Whereas the lead times from China made products is around 8-12 weeks, CLS delivers mostly within 3 weeks after the order confirmation.

Due to a smart way of producing the price level of CLS products is very competitive compared to China made products.
As the production quality is superior in every facet, we don’t need to calculate costs for warranty issue’s in our pricing structure. Last but not least, we do not need to write off on our stocks of finished products. We only stock bare materials and the design of our fixtures makes it easy to adapt our products to the latest technologies, therefore our products will never be outdated by new developments.

Service & Expertise

CLS has highly experienced project consultants who have already signed for hundreds of projects tot this date. They can assist you in creating a light design or help you even with the installation process.

Photometric data are available for the major part of our products. Should you require data for a specific fixture configuration and its not available yet on our website, then please contact us. All available photometric data is measured & calculated in the Light Lab of CLS.

Our project consultants can also provide training for foreign and domestic distributors in order to spread our knowledge worldwide.

Be part of a green future
Green future

If you wish to be part of a generation that positively changed the future of the earth by reducing the energy- and maintenance costs of lighting systems by 70-80% and therefore helping to save the resources of this planet and if you want to combine this with a successful business ship by distributing our high reliable products than contact us for a possible distributorship in your country.

5 years warranty

The major part of our product portfolio is backed up by a 5 years warranty.