Jade ColourFlow & Tunable White

The Jade ColourFlow allows for a wide range of unique lighting concepts. With its RGBW and RGBA variants, the Jade ColourFlow is perfect for creating any atmosphere, from pastel shades to deep saturated colours. The Tunable White variants are available in 1800-4000K or 2700-6500K.

  • 1500 lumen
  • Max. 30 Watt

> Information

Unique lighting concepts are made possible by the use of innovative new LED modules.

RGBW & RGBA variants

Pastel shades, deep saturated colours, but also high quality white light can be easily programmed with the Jade ColourFlow. Due to a special placement of the LED chips on the PCB, in combination with a patent pending ‘Colour Mixing Dome’, the colour mix is unprecedented homogeneous. Even at short distances, the Jade ColourFlow casts shadow-free coloured light. White colour within the RGBW module is available in 3000K or 4000K.

Tunable White

The Jade ColourFlow Tunable White lighting fixture is a versatile lighting option. It is available in two standard ranges of colour temperatures (1800-4000K and 2700-6500K), and other versions are available on request (MOQ applicable).

Typical applications

The Jade ColourFlow rail fixture is a versatile and stylish lighting solution that is perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you are looking to create a themed environment in a museum, bowling centre or showroom, or add a touch of elegance to an event centre or wedding hall, the Jade ColourFlow fixture is sure to create the perfect ambiance for any setting.

Large product family

Available in many variants, the Jade Series can be used to create a variety of lighting plans, whilst still using only one single product design. The sleek design makes the Jade a great choice for any space.


Number of DMX channels needed per LED colour

Number of DMX channels needed
LED colour 1 2 3 4
Single colour
Tunable White
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> Specifications

TypeJade ColourFlow & Tunable White, 30 watt Colour Changing Track Spot
ColourBlack, white or grey
MaterialAnodized or coated aluminium & PC/ABS V0
Weight780 gram
Swivel340° horizontal | 350° vertical

Optics23º | 45º | 69º
Light sourceCLS Dynamic Colour LED module
Light output1500 lumen
LED coloursRGB-W | RGB-A
1800K-4000K | 2700K-6500K

Power consumptionMax. 30 Watt
Power supply100~240 VAC
DriverDriver included | Driver internal
DimmingCasambi | DMX512 | Wireless DMX
ConnectionTrack adapter, Global or Eutrac

IP ratingIP 20
Protection class1

Lifetimeup to 50.000 h
Warranty5 years

AccessoriesTrack products, Barndoor, Snoot, Half snoot & Honey Comb Louvre
RemarksIntegrated Soft Diffusion Filter
Jade ColourFlow and Tunable White with track adapter in black and white