Ye Olde Pinball Shoppe

Silver balls, blinkenlights, worlds under glass. That is the Pinball Arcade, Ye Olde Pinball Shoppe in Wellington, New Zealand. 

“When designing our pinball arcade, special attention was paid to the lighting, needing to avoid reflections off the pinball glass while still providing plenty of illumination onto the playfield.  We chose CLS Jade ColourFlow for its unique features – attractive-looking DMX track lights with full-colour RGB, studio-quality whites, honeycomb filters to reduce glare, and oval-shaped beam lenses for optimum coverage.   We paired these with CLS Decostar fixtures to add dramatic lighting effects across the ceiling.   CLS was very helpful throughout the project, providing design support, lighting samples, and great attention to detail when building our fixtures.  I look forward to adding more CLS lights to our pinball arcade soon!”

– Hamish Guthrey, Chief Enthusiast, Ye Olde Pinball Shoppe


Used fixturesJade ColourFlow, Decostar
Led colour(s)RGBW-Jade, RGBA-Decostar
Control methodDMX
Project forYe Olde Pinball Shoppe

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