The Hylo is a 20 watt LED fixture that is designed for both modern and monumental façades. It is IP67 rated, meaning it can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. The Hylo also features interchangeable optics, so you can customize the light output to meet your specific needs.

  • 2000 lumen
  • Max. 20 Watt
  • CRI >80

> Information

Powerful, 20 Watt, IP67 up & downlighter.

Ultimate freedom of choices

Possibility to use different light colours and different beam angles for the lower and upper part.

Typical applications

Façade lighting for both modern and monumental buildings. Due to the modern slim design also very suitable for indoor applications. Surprisingly high light output.

Sustainable design

Future-proof; as all parts are easily interchangeable, the Hylo will never be outdated.


More than 800 different configurations are possible. Create your own version within 30 seconds on our website.

Interchangeable optics

Lenses are fast and easily interchangeable for creating an optimal light setting on the job.

Downloads and accessories

Led colours






> Specifications

TypeHylo, Outdoor Up- & Downlighter
ColourBlank or Black
MaterialAnodized aluminium
Weight2300 gram

Optics8º | 12º | 30º | 60º | 80º | 12x46º
Light sourceHigh Power LED
Light output2000 lumen
LED colours2400K | 2700K | 3000K | 4000K | 5000K | 6500K | amber | blue | red | green

Power consumptionMax. 20 Watt
Power supply110~240 VAC
DriverDriver included | Driver internal
ConnectionCable with open end
Cable length200

IP ratingIP 67
Protection class1

Lifetime50.000 h
Warranty3 years

> Photometrics

These are the Photometric and LDT files for the most popular configuration(s). Please contact us via info@cls-led.com if your choice is missing from the list.