Eden Fine Art Gallery

On the Caribbean island of St. Barth, Eden Fine Art has recently opened its seventh gallery. Eden Fine Art, an international distributor of exclusive and contemporary art by selected artists, aims to create a modern, dynamic, but mostly open space in each gallery, which allows its artists and its visitors the full and unique experience of the art collection.

Xavier Chabot from CLS dealer Time To Go, responsible for the installation of the lighting system, was given the task to provide a design that not only accentuates the art, but also does justice to the interior design. This was the main reason that a combination of the Revo Gallery and Revo Compact Gallery was chosen for the illumination of the artwork.

To retain the attention value of the artwork, a conscious choice was made for downlighters with a lower light output than the Revo’s. In total, 34 pieces of CLS Luxo 3 were installed, in both single- and multiple hole mounting plates.

The result is a gallery with tasteful lighting, that looks both spacious and inviting and where the artwork is truly the centre of attention. In addition, the result is also sustainable: the total power consumption of all fixtures combined is less than 1 kW.

Eden’s corporate identity colours have also been applied to the exterior of the gallery. Two pieces of Hylo accentuate the columns at the entrance in a bright white colour, while Revo Compacts provide the rock themed façade of the building with a red glow. We congratulate Eden Fine Art with this beautiful new art gallery.

Used fixturesHylo, Revo Compact Basic, Luxo 3 Basic CoB
Project byTime To Go SARL
Project forEden Fine Art Gallery

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