Postillion Hotel

The Deventer establishment of the Postillion Hotel chain has recently undergone a major refurbishment. Counting 99 guest rooms and as many as 11 meeting- and conference rooms, Postillion’s ‘Meet-Work-Stay’ concept successfully meets all requirements of today’s demanding meeting- and event business. In addition to the meeting rooms, the generously equipped Business Point offers flexible workspaces for discussions and meetings.

Renowned firm RetailLAB signed on for the remarkably stylish interior design, which has already received many compliments from hotel guests.

Installed by installation company HKE (Zevenhoven, The Netherlands), CLS has equipped all public spaces with LED lighting. To emphasize the warm atmosphere of the interior, all fixtures were fitted with extra warm white LEDs (2700K colour temperature). As CLS manufactures at its own production facility in The Netherlands, it was relatively simple to fit all fixtures with exactly the same type of LED.

In addition to the requirement of a warm lighting colour, there was also the desire to dim all the different fixtures to very low levels. For this, CLS developed and manufactured a special version of the REVO Compact Track, which can be dimmed directly over the track rail.

Besides the Revo Compact Track, both the CLS Luxo 3 and CLS Luxo 6 series can be found throughout the hotel. CLS supplied these fixtures in white and black versions, as it did with the Ultima series. The design of this compact, yet bright LED fixture was received with great enthusiasm by Postillion’s management. Last but not least, the exterior lighting of the hotel consists of Revo Inground fixtures.

Due to consistent investments in development and production of multiple product lines, CLS is one of the few manufacturers that can offer a complete in-house produced portfolio of products for both interior- and exterior lighting. In addition to a range of static colours, CLS also offers a variety of controllable fixtures that can be programmed to any colour.

The main advantage for lighting designers, architects, installers and of course the final customers, is the fact that all of them only need to deal with one single company during every step of the process, from the initial design stage until the process of actual procurement and logistics. As medium-sized manufacturer, CLS offers the advantages of quick product modifications and short lead-times due to a flexible attitude in terms of production planning.

Used fixturesRevo Series, Hylo Series
Led colour(s)2700K
Project byRetailLAB, HKE
Project forPostillion Hotels

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