The immensly popular Focus Series has been used in a vast amount of lighting projects, including world renowned museums. We took the beloved ingredients of the original Focus, and redesigned the FocusGIII from the ground up to be one of the most versatile lighting systems available to date. The new Focus has a 20% higher light output, larger zoom range, smaller dimensions and a timeless design.


The Focus GIII is the perfect lighting system for anyone who wants complete control over their lighting. With the zoom feature, you can adjust the size of the light beam to get just the right amount of light. And with the extensions, you can increase the height of the fixture to get more coverage. Plus, the accessory holder in front of the Focus allows you to place snoots with correction filters, such as a soft diffusion filter and beam shapers. So regardless of the application, you’ll always have perfect lighting.


Our fixtures are developed and produced in the Netherlands. We only use the best components, and the modular design of our fixtures makes it easy to make upgrades or changes. With an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours, the interim replacement of light sources is consigned to history. The light output and colour remain excellent from the first moment to more than ten years of use.


The Focus GIII zoom spot system provides versatile, energy-efficient lighting for a wide range of applications. Choose from a variety of LED light sources to find the perfect option for your project, whether you need extra warm white (2700K), warm white (3000K), fresh white (3500K), or neutral white (4000K) light. With a CRI of ≈95, you can be sure that your Focus will produce high-quality light that enhances your project’s visuals. If you need other colours of LED light sources, please contact us to discuss minimum order sizes.


The new Focus GIII is 20% smaller than its predecessor, making it even easier to use in small spaces. The diameter is only 3,4 cm and the length of the ‘body’ is just 8,5 cm. Due to clever engineering, heat generation is minimal, and heat dissipation is optimal. In combination with its sleek design, the Focus GIII will fit in any style interior. Whether it is a contemporary museum of modern art, or a historical museum. This kind of performance and flexibility in such a small package is simply unmatched. Simply better.


The Focus has an internal slot that makes it easy to mount correction and or colour filters. For a particularly soft and homogeneous light beam, the Focus is provided with a soft diffusion filter. With a light transmission of no less than 94%, the light output remains optimal. An elliptical beam shaper is available to create perfect long-shaped light beams. The extension pipes of 10 cm and 30 cm can be seamlessly combined to a length of 120 cm. These provide even more flexibility when setting up the lighting plan. The extension pipes are suitable for both the track and surface variants of the Focus.


The immensly popular Focus Series has been used in a vast amount of lighting projects. Some examples are the Maritime Museum, Naturalis Biodiversity Centre and the Ernest Zmeták Art Gallery. We kept the beloved ingredients of the original Focus Series and redesigned the new Focus to be a complete lighting system, which is more flexible and powerful than the original Focus, increasing the possibilities even further.


The Focus versions below form the starting point for you to configure a perfect solution for your project. Start with one of the versions, choose the colour, LED colour temperature and control method to create your own lighting system with the Focus.


> 7 w – <400 lm
The surface mounted version of the new Focus is mountable in many different ways. Ceilings, walls, floors, on extension pipes; there’s always a possibility to find the perfect location for the light source.


> 7 w – <400 lm

An integrated track adapter with the low profile Stucchi Evo Track system makes the T DMX version of the Focus a sleek and powerful lighting solution. The fixtures can be lowered up to 120 cm with extension pipes.


> 7 w – <400 lm

Upgrade your existing 3 phase lighting system with the latest technology, using the Focus T 230V with built-in power supply. Control via Casambi, DALI or CLS Magno Dim in order to seamlessly blend in with your project.


Do you want to know more about the Focus? Download the brochure, view the product pages or send us a message. We are happy to help.
Olivier TorresTechnical Sales Manager - ESL - France
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