LED lighting in Retail: Good lighting increases sales!

In an ideal world, your customers automatically ensure good business within your sales organization and points of sale, because the offered products are unique. The reality is that only the right combination of well-kept shops, motivated and well-trained sales staff and the right products at the right price/quality level can lead to success.

Lighting plays a very important part here. A distinctive window containing beautifully lit products, generates interest of passers-by. Once they have entered the store en feel comfortable in the right ambiance, they will be more inclined to make purchases. An important condition is that the products are presented at their very best.

Cars, clothing, furniture or food, it needs no further explanation that all of these products deserve optimum lighting for the best possible sales results. Each product group has its own specific lighting requirements. Due to literally thousands of configuration options, CLS offers a high quality solution for each possible application.

The right choice of LED lighting does not only contribute to more sales, but also to realistic and measurable cost reductions.
> Energy savings up to 80% in comparison to traditional light sources.
> Due to the extremely long life expectancy of the LED light, lamp replacements are obsolete for a period of 5–10 years.
> Lower costs of climate control: LED light sources generate very little to no heat.


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