Focus Micro Series: the introduction of the smallest zoom spots ever to be seen worldwide!

With the introduction of the Focus Micro Series, CLS offers the most ultimate fixtures to be used for the illumination of showcases in both museums and art galleries. Never before were light designers able to choose from so many different options, that now can be found within the Focus Micro Series.

We would like to mention a few core values of the Focus Micro Series:

  • Smallest dimensions ever for a zoom spot.
  • An effective measured zoom range of 6º to 90º.
  • Available with screw or magnetic mounting for the surface mounted version.
  • Surface mounted version with built in 24V/DMX512 & Magno dim electronics in an extremely compact mounting base. Power supply and control signal via Micro USB cables (in lengths of 25, 50 and 100 cm).
  • Track version with built in 24V / DMX512 and Magno dim electronics.
  • Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K & 4000K.
  • CRI up to ≈95.
  • Extension options for the surface mounted version of 0-30, 0-60 and 0-90 cm.

Introduction of the CLS Flex Snoot
Each fixture comes with 2 flexible snoots which are made of a rubber composite. You can cut the snoot in any desired size and or shape.

For more information about the Focus Micro just click on the images or check the movie below.
CLS distributors worldwide are available to provide demonstrations.

With kind regards,

Team CLS