Focus Micro Extended

The most compact, but fully equipped, zoom fixture available. With a diameter of 16 mm, the Focus Micro is about the size of an AA battery. The design makes the Focus Micro virtually invisible and unobtrusive, without compromising on functionality. Besides the zoom range of no less than 6º to 90º, some key features are high quality LED light sources with a Colour Rendering Index of >95 and a choice of four different colour temperatures and control methods.

  • 87 lumen
  • Max. 1 Watt
  • CRI 95

> Information

Smallest dimensions ever for a zoom spot, perfect for showcases.

CLS Performance Zoom
Effective zoom range from 6º to 90º!

Difference from the Focus Micro
The Focus Micro Extended is standardly supplied on an extension pipe and is the only fixture in our product range that shines downwards through the 90° angle in the pipe. The Focus Micro is not supplied as standard on an extension pipe and is available as a surface-mounted or rail fixture.

Large choice of LED light sources
Colour temperatures available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K & 4000K.
CRI up to >95.

Mounting option
Screw mounting, easily adjustable.

Extension pipes from 0-90 cm.

Adjustable height
The Focus Micro Extended is completely variably adjustable in length (between 0-30 cm, 0-60 cm or between 0-90 cm).

Large choice in dimming methods
The Focus Micro Extended is available in 1-10V, mains dim, DMX512 & Casambi Bluetooth.

CLS Flex Snoot system
Each fixture comes with 2 snoots, that can be easily cut in the desired size or shape by the user.

Number of DMX channels needed per LED colour

Number of DMX channels needed
LED colour 1 2 3 4
Single colour
Tunable White
To read more about DMX, click here

Downloads and accessories

Led colours




Control methods


> Specifications

TypeFocus Micro Extended,
ColourBlack or white
MaterialCoated aluminium
Weight20 gram
Swivel360° horizontal | 90° vertical

Light sourceHigh Power
Light output87 lumen
LED colours2700K | 3000K | 3500K | 4000K

Power consumptionMax. 1 Watt
Drive current350mA
DriverDriver excluded | Driver external
DimmingMains dimmable | 1-10V dimmable | Magno dim | Casambi | DMX512
ConnectionCLS Smart Connect system

IP ratingIP 20
Protection class3
Energy labelA

Lifetime50000 hours
Warranty5 years

RemarksInternal slot for correction/colour filters, 2 cuttable snoots included.

> Photometrics

These are the Photometric and LDT files for the most popular configuration(s). Please contact us via if your choice is missing from the list.

    > VectorWorks

      > Article numbers

      • FM-S3-B-2795-Z
      • FM-S3-B-3095-Z
      • FM-S3-B-3595-Z
      • FM-S3-B-4095-Z
      • FM-S3-W-2795-Z
      • FM-S3-W-3095-Z
      • FM-S3-W-3595-Z
      • FM-S3-W-4095-Z
      • FM-S6-B-2795-Z
      • FM-S6-B-3095-Z
      • FM-S6-B-3595-Z
      • FM-S6-B-4095-Z
      • FM-S6-W-2795-Z
      • FM-S6-W-3095-Z
      • FM-S6-W-3595-Z
      • FM-S6-W-4095-Z
      • FM-S9-B-2795-Z
      • FM-S9-B-3095-Z
      • FM-S9-B-3595-Z
      • FM-S9-B-4095-Z
      • FM-S9-W-2795-Z
      • FM-S9-W-3095-Z
      • FM-S9-W-3595-Z
      • FM-S9-W-4095-Z