black and white bracket mounted LED lighting fixture

Ruby Compact Bracket

30 Watt bracket fixture
Compact design fixture with bracket assembly that can be used for countless applications thanks to the extensive choice of light sources and control methods.

Typical applications
The applications are numerous. Basically, this series of fixtures can be used anywhere where designers and lighting architects do not wish to use downlighters or where this is not possible for technical reasons. Examples are show rooms and shops, reception areas in all kinds of buildings, public areas in museums, offices, theatres, concert halls, churches, crematoria and many other locations.

Many dimming and control options
The Ruby Compact offers a wide range of control options. These include mains dimming via phase cut-off, DALI, DMX12, Wireless DMX and Casambi Bluetooth.

Large choice in versions
The Ruby Compact is available in black and white as standard, but project-specific colours for the casing are available at extra cost.
In addition to the Ruby Compact Bracket, you can also choose between a suspended version and a rail-mounted version.
RGBW/RGBA, Tunable White and Dim To Warm variants available.

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