Bakery Geert Vonk, The Netherlands

The new CLS Jade Retail & food fixtures are available with special LED modules for Retail & Food applications.

When it comes to color rendering, these LED modules are tailor-made to the product groups to be illuminated, the effect is truly amazing. Both food and non-food products are much better exposed with these LED modules and contribute to an optimal presentation within stores and food shops.
There are special LED modules for clothes, furniture, jewelry, kitchens, fruits and vegetables, meat and also bread.

An example of the effect of the bread modules and the use of the Jade Retail & Food can be seen in the pictures of Bakery Geert Vonk located in Druten, The Netherlands. The contemporary interior is equipped with Jade fixtures in the trendy black colour. The rail fixtures are combined with the Emerald Retail & Food built-in fixtures. The total concept results in a perfect light scheme.

Owner Geert Vonk;

We are very satisfied and getting a lot of compliments about the new bakery

CLS LED fixtures are used worldwide by users who want the best for their application. The CLS Jade series has a guarantee of no less than 5 years and offers a saving up to 60% on energy and maintenance costs.

Light design & realization: Huisman Etech Experts

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