Kahuna, The Netherlands

Cyber threats are a growing risk to businesses and governments. Traditional security of information will move more and more from prevention to detection. With the extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Security & Compliance, Kahuna specialists can make a valuable contribution to securely manage critical IT infrastructures and business processes of its customers.

Kahuna operates from their office in Amersfoort. This office is for a large part illuminated by CLS LED fixtures. In collaboration with CLS distributor Van Dalen Installatie Techniek (Nijkerk – The Netherlands), CLS has supplied the CLS Luxo 6 for this project.

The Luxo 6 has an output of 15.4 watts and can replace light sources such as 100 Watt Halogen, 36 Watt TC-L and 35 Watt HQI. Different angles and colour temperatures are available. The fixture has a massive aluminium CNC cut housing for optimal cooling. Furthermore, the Luxo 6 is horizontally and vertically adjustable and available with a soft diffusion filter, which increases the IP rating of IP40 to IP52. Like almost all CLS fixtures, the Luxo 6 is also dimmable. Overall, it has become a very beautiful result. We wish Kahuna a lot of working pleasure under the illumination of CLS.

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