Sherwood Forest, The Netherlands

Sherwood Forest hand crafted leather bags, belts and small leather goods are made using traditional leather craftsmanship. Each Sherwood Forest article is individually hand crafted using the highest quality leather and materials to create a personal lifestyle. The Collection is beautiful and very exclusive.

The new shop in Arnhem has a completely new lighting concept. The retail version of the popular CLS REVO series has made ​​its entrance in this exclusive boutique. The spots are highly flexible, so when changing the collection you are assured of well-light products. Both the REVO Retail (with 8 LEDs) and REVO Compact Retail (with 4 LEDs) are used. The REVO Retail is also used for window lighting.

Outside, the REVO Modular is used. This version of the REVO has IP67 in- and output connectors and can be daisy chain connected. 
By the endless possibilities of this unique fixture, you can both in-store and out using the same fixture, which creates unity.

The accessories in the cabinets are lightned by the CLS Power Strip GII. This strip is the ideal solution for this application, the light output is high, the strip is dimmable and can be installed perfectly concealed.

The warm white light colour of the LEDs (3000K), is for both the REVO series and the Power Strip GII exactly the same.

 Sherwood Forest is very satisfied with the results.

Light designer: Timo Verhoeven

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