Starwalk, The Netherlands

The versatility of CLS products is demonstrated again, this time by a very original application of the Ultima Track.

The Ultima Retail is now used at many Dutch movie premieres and film festivals, as a main light source for the Starwalk that welcomes attending celebrities. For years it has proven to be quite a challenge to find lighting that combines a warm atmosphere with still the right colour temperature for the press photographers, in order to produce good quality pictures. For professional photography a high colour temperature value is required, while for a warm atmosphere a lower value is more appropriate.

Other problems with previous setups, were the heat dissipation and power consumption of the traditional 1000 Watts halogen fixtures. The generated heat turned out to be very unpleasant for the celebrities, that were to be photographed (makeup, hairstyles). Besides that, the power consumption required heavy power cables at every event.

In addition, there was a strong desire for fixtures that combined a certain elegance with high light output. After many tests with various brands, rental company Van Rossum Facilities chose the Ultima Retail. The Starwalk is a well invested project realised bij Van Rossum Facilities and BAAS events & PR.

The final choice fell on a 4000K version, with black front and back covers in order to have the luminaires blend into the background of the pictures being taken. Due to the low weight of the Ultima trackrail fixtures, installation of the setup is quick and easy for each event. The power consumption of all Ultima fixtures in this extraordinary red Starwalk setup is no more than 1400 Watts: 85% less than before!

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