The CLS Jade HD series were developed in close cooperation with a large and renowned museum. Following the wish list of this museum’s technical staff and lighting experts, we have created a special armature series with the following specifications:

 No Halo effect, thanks to the use of a new lens technique.
Lenses can be switched by user in just a matter of seconds.
6 different light opening angles, such as various oval light beams and a perfect spot opening angle of only 13°.

Choose from Citizen LED light sources with CRI≈92 or CRI≈97.

 Choose from no less than 6 different dim and control options.

 A great number of accesories is standardly available.
 Choose from various mounting options.

Thanks to its virtually limitless options, the Jade HD by CLS has quickly become the most ultimate choice for museums, that would like to create a high-end quality of lighting which can be purchased for a very competitive price.

If you are interested in the options of the new CLS Jade HD for use at your own venue or if you would like more information about this wonderful armature series, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly or to reach out to your local CLS partner.

With very kind regards,

Team CLS

high definition led track lighting fixture