This page provides an overview of all available products from our Focus Series compatible with our extension pipes. And the Focus Extended, which is standardly mounted on an extension pipe. Read all about the different specifications below. 

Table of Contents


1.1. Focus Micro

The most compact, but fully equipped, zoom fixture available. Standing upright, the Focus micro is only 48 mm to 66 mm high. With a diameter of 16 mm, the Focus Micro is about the size of an AA battery. The design makes the Focus Micro virtually invisible and unobtrusive, without compromising on functionality. Besides the zoom range of no less than 6º to 90º, some key features are high quality LED light sources with a Colour Rendering Index of >95 and a choice of four different colour temperatures and control methods.

1.2. Focus Micro Extended

The Focus Micro Extended features the same specifications as the Focus Micro because they feature the same spot. The only difference with the Focus Micro is that the Focus Micro Extended can shine downwards when standing upright, because of its design, and is therefore typically used in showcases. The Focus Micro Extended is standardly installed on an extension pipe, which is available in 30, 60, and 90 centimetres. 

1.3. Focus GIII

The Focus GIII is a powerful zoom lighting fixture that can be controlled via DMX512. With a 10°-70° stepless zoom range and a uniform soft edge light beam, it is perfect for any application that requires precision lighting. It also features white and black housing options, an accessory holder, and customizable snoot to ensure that you get the perfect look for your space.


The accessories we have available and are mentioned below apply to the Focus Micro and Focus GIII fixtures. We have 2 different lengths available for the extension pipes, in 2 different colours, namely:

  • Black: 10, and 30 centimetres
    • Y106412-B, 10 cm black
    • Y106413-B, 30 cm black
  • White: 10, and 30 centimetres
    • Y106412-W, 10 cm white
    • Y106413-W, 30 cm white

Extension cables:

  • Y106416-10, 10 cm cable
  • Y106416-30, 30 cm cable

With every length, extension cables are included. It is also possible to let us install the pipes in our production process, to make installing the fixtures on location easier. 

For the Focus Micro Extended, we also have the pipes available in black and white, and in 30, 60, and 90 centimetres. Depending on the chosen LED colour, the article number changes. Look on the product page of the Focus Micro Extended for the correct article number.


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