We at CLS have various extension pipes available for our Focus Series (except for the Focus Micro Base).  These accessories make sure the perfect result can be created, with ease. Read more about the desired installation method below. 

Surface mounted Focus Micro zoom LED lighting fixtures in black and white

Focus Micro Series

Typically used in showcases

Focus Micro Extended

Typically used in showcases

Focus GIII Series

Typically used extended from ceiling

> Difference Focus Micro and Focus Micro Extended

The Focus Micro and the Focus Micro extended feature the same spot, but have an important difference. The Focus Micro can be installed as a surface-mounted fixture and can be extended with our extension pipes, whereas the Focus Micro Extended is standardly mounted on an extension pipe. The pipes for the Focus Micro Extended are available in 30, 60, and 90 centimetres and can be easily altered to the perfect height. The Focus Micro Extended is also the ONLY fixture that can shine downwards, so when you’re looking for a perfect lighting solution for a showcase, and you need to enlighten the subjects from above, the Focus Micro Extended delivers the most flexibility. In short are the differences as follows: 

Focus Micro

  • Can shine upwards or straight, not downwards
  • Can be installed on track or surface mounted
  • Can be extended with 10 and 30 cm extension pipes

Focus Micro Extended

  • Can shine downwards
  • Standard installed on extension pipe
  • Available on 30, 60, and 90 cm pipes 

> Available accessories

We have 2 different lengths available for the extension pipes, in 2 different colours, namely:

  • Black: 10, and 30 centimetres
    • Y106412-B, 10cm black
    • Y106413-B, 30cm black
  • White: 10, and 30 centimetres
    • Y106412-W, 10 cm white
    • Y106413-W, 30 cm white

Extension cables:

  • Y106416-10, 10cm cable
  • Y106416-30, 30cm cable

With every length extension cables are included. It is also possible to let us install the pipes in our production process, to make installing the fixtures on location easier. 

> Important to keep in mind

In our manuals you can read that we recommend a max. length of extension pipes connected. Those are the following:

  • 10 cm: max. 10 
  • 30 cm: max. 4

This ensures that the fixtures won’t tilt when they stand upright. When they hang on a track, this does not necessarily apply. 

> Needed tools

To install an extension pipe, you will need the following tools:

Focus on Stucchi & On Track

  • Phillips PH1 screwdriver
  • HEX 1.5MM key
  • Focus Extension kit

Focus In Track

  • Torx T10 screwdriver
  • HEX 1.5MM key
  • Focus Extension kit

Focus surface mounted

  • HEX 1.5MM key
  • Pincer or small slotted screwdriver 
  • Focus Extension kit

> Manuals

> Focus GIII Track Extension

Focus GIII Track Stucchi (DMX)

Focus GIII Track Global (230V)

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