Krypton Series : a customer-specific lighting solution that now is also available for you

CLS has developed the Krypton Series as a customer specific solution for the second largest concert/event centre of Germany. Stadthalle Bielefeld hosts many national & international concerts, congresses and all sorts of other events.

The main hall offers a capacity of up to 2.200 visitors and has a height of 18 meters. The challenge for CLS was to design a lighting solution that would offer high quality warm white light (3000K) with a CRI of ≈90 that would generate at least 500 Lux at 80 cm floor height, combined with an RGB section for effect lighting and mood creating lighting scenes. All combined in a compact housing, as the existing mounting holes needed to be used.

As the rooms are used for many different applications, where often an office lighting level is requested, it was necessary to come up with a solution that would offer a high quality white light on a long term basis. Instead of trying to generate white light with many RGBW leds, CLS opted for a solution with a very strong, single white light source in combination with a cluster of RGB modules.

Originally intended as a mid air effect, it proved in practice that the 10 Watt RGB modules are optically so effective that even the floor from a height of 18 meter can be painted in virtually any colour. Being so powerful, the RGB section can also be used to alter the colour temperature of the white light source. For more information on the Krypton Series, just click here.

We want to thank our German partner Werning Theatertechnik and both Mr. Kwoka and Mr. van Bracht from the Stadthalle Bielefeld for the very pleasant cooperation.

Team CLS