LON GII Bracket

10 Watt, 4 channel DMX512, colour changing surface mounted fixture.
Individually programmable.

Perfect colour mixing
Totally uniform colour mixing due to the CLS multi Facet optical system.

Typical applications
All applications where one wishes to change the mood in a room or change the lighting through colour changes on an object.

Easy and fast to install
Power and data through one single standard CAT5 (RJ45) cable.

Large choice in LED configurations
Tunable White 1800-5000K on request. (MOQ)
Special LED configurations on request. (MOQ)

Article numbers

• 122021 CLS LON GII Bracket, RGBW, 25°, UTP 24VDC, Black
• 122022 CLS LON GII Bracket, RGBA, 25°, UTP 24VDC, Black

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These are the Photometric and LDT files for the most popular configuration(s). Please contact us via info@cls-led.com if your choice is missing from the list.


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