This is Holland

This is Holland, a new flight simulation experience in the heart of Amsterdam, has opened on October 12th. The flying theatre takes visitors on a flight over The Netherlands, with wind-, mist- and scent effects enhancing the experience. Additionally, a Dutch themed lobby, 2 pre-shows and a post-show area educate visitors with sounds, sights and interactive displays.

Both creative and technical production were in the hands of Leisure Expert Group, specialized in creating immersive experiences. This is Holland is a carefully designed experience, with synchronized lighting, sound and visuals throughout the entire attraction. The lighting design therefore required individually controllable fixtures with high light output, superior dimming and accurate colour (temperature) control.

Kevin Mohr, technical project lead for Leisure Expert Group:
“Our job was to reduce all the complexity of this project to the simple push of a button. Because once we leave, that button needs to reproduce the exact experience that we have all worked so hard for to achieve. So, we wanted to team up with a lighting partner that could guarantee that consistency and reliability for the long term. LED is the obvious choice for this application, plus that we really needed some custom solutions. Having worked with CLS LED before, we turned to them after the first designs were approved.”

The new CLS Jade plays a leading role throughout This is Holland, with over 300 fixtures installed. It delivers both the light output and dimming capability required, while providing accurate DMX512 control over track. In addition to versions in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, a special RGBW version was developed, which combines smooth colour mixing with pure white light. Jade fixtures create most of the general lighting in This is Holland, as well as colour effects on set pieces, wall decorations and traffic routes.

A combination of LON GII and Focus Compact GII fixtures create the illusion of a dynamic air strip, inviting passengers to board their flight after the pre-show. LON fixtures are also installed as room- and effect lighting in pre-show 1 and as various accent lights for decorative objects.

Last but not least, the impressive atrium-style lobby deserves special attention. With daylight present during most opening hours, additional bright lighting from the 6 meter high ceiling was required. Originally intended to be Tunable White, the response to a demonstration of the new Ruby ColourFlow RGBW was so enthusiastic, that it was selected instead. With twice the white light output compared to a regular RGBW fixture and completely shadow free colour mixing, it proved to be a perfect match. Custom designed surface mounted versions of the RUBY Colour Flow RGBW now generate a bright summer during daytime and a warm dusky atmosphere during evenings. After closing time, a subtle yet colourful display is This is Holland’s gift to Amsterdam passing by.

Used fixturesRevo, Jade, Emerald, Luxo, Focus, Ruby, LON - series
Led colour(s)2700K, 3000K, 4000K, RGBW
Control methodDMX
Project byLeisure Expert Group
Project forThis is Holland

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