Martina Downlighter

10 Watt, 4 channel DMX512, colour changing downlighter.
Individually programmable.

Typical applications
All applications where one wishes to change the mood in a room or change the lighting through colour changes on an object.

Large choice in usable beam angles
The Martina offers no less than 4 different beam angles including a spot beam of 10° and an elliptical beam angle of 13° x 40°.

Excellent colour mixing
A smooth and homogeneous colour mixing is seen, even with the use of the spot and elliptical lens.

Tunable White version with configuration on request
Lighting designers can give their preferences for the LED colour configuration for specific projects.
MOQ or extra costs can be charged.

Easy and fast to install
Power and data through one single CAT5 (RJ45) cabling system.

Fixture configurator

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