REVO Compact Track DMX

Compact 10 Watt track fixture.
CNC cut, massive aluminium housing.

Typical applications
Shops, museum & galleries, hotels, bars, restaurants and residential environments.

Sustainable design
Future proof; as all parts are easily interchangeable, the REVO Compact Track will never be outdated.

DMX / Magno version
The DMX version offers two ways of dimming.
On a normal 3-phase trackrail the fixture can be locally dimmed by the CLS Magno dimming system.
DMX dimming is available with the use of a track with data bus function.

More than 800 different configurations are possible.
Create your own version within 30 seconds on our website.

Interchangeable optics
Lenses are fast and easily interchangeable for creating an optimal light setting on the job.
From an 8° spot beam to a 12° x 46° elliptical beam.

Fixture configurator



    These are the Photometric and LDT files for the most popular configuration(s). Please contact us via if your choice is missing from the list.


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