Lucky Strike, The Netherlands

This complete bowlingcentre features 8 bowling alleys and contains the latest technology in LED lighting. The demand of the Zuiderduin Hotel was clear; We want the most beautiful bowlingcentre of the Netherlands, with lighting effects that have not been used in any other bowlingcenters yet… We succeeded!

All alleys are completely lighted by CLS-LED products. Special to mention are the Pixelbars 54 that are installed above the alley, these fixtures make it possible to move the lighting along with the rolling ball on the alley. This creates a very special lighting effect.

In the walls CLS-LED installed flexible Covelight Superior RGB strips, these products make the bowlingarea and the bararea flow over perfectly and they give the space a contemporary appearance. In the ceiling, CLS Luxo 3, Florence GII and LON GII fixtures are placed, these fixtures give a great amount of light and they serve as general lighting aswell. The whole is controlled by 2 Zense controllers. A night of bowling becomes a real experience!

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