Noorderchurch, The Netherlands

Built between 1441 and 1519 the Noorderkerk is the oldest building in the historical city of Hoorn. A powerful symbol of architectural excellence now made future proof with state of the art CLS LED lighting solutions. Functioning as a concert and exhibition hall with an exceptionally characteristic ceiling, this project required the best of the best when it came to accentuating and creating an atmosphere. The Lina 2700K and Jade Colour Flow RGBW fixtures proved to be a match made in heaven.

The stained-glass windows are illuminated from the inside with the Lina in order to create an astounding effect on the outside.
In order to illuminate the inside of the building with functional light. The best options turned out to be the Focus HP spot and the Ruby Pendant 2700K. Fitted to already existing fittings, these fixtures completely blended in with the architectural structure of the building.

Used products