Vision Park, The Netherlands

The BJ building is part of the Vision Park in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), a business park of more than 55.000 m2. This building was the start of a large-scaled upgrade of the entire Vision Park, owned by the Merin Group.

In 2012, the BJ building has been completely renovated, a project where sustainability and a pleasant working environment had top priority, closely followed by maintenance costs of course. Gerben Wolters signed for the lighting design, Twello based CLS partner Van Dalen Installatietechiek was responsible for the delivery and installation of all technical installations, including the lighting.

Mainly the CLS Luxo 6 has been used in multiple offices, meeting rooms and hallways. In various other locations in the building, CLS Ultima and CLS Luxo 3 fixtures have been installed. The CLS Luxo 6 fixtures have been fitted with the optional diffusion filter, ensuring a very soft and diffuse light dispersion. Most of the fixtures have been installed in 2-fold rectangular plates. In total, more than 300 fixtures were installed.

The lighting in the entire building is experienced as very pleasant by the people that go to work here every day. Many of them did not even realize at first that they were in fact working under LED lighting instead of traditional light sources.

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