ACS Audiovisual Solutions

ACS is one of the biggest players in the AV-rental market for large-scale congresses and events. Innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship are important keywords in the ACS policy.
The CLS R&D team has developed a special fixture with input from ACS technicians to illuminate large halls.

The Ruby Bracket DMX (ACS version) offers an energy saving of almost 90% compared with previously used conventional light fixtures. (110 watts vs. 1000 watts) In addition, building light systems is much faster, as no external dimmer racks or heavy cabling systems are needed any more. All electronics are integrated into the Ruby.

The Ruby DMX fixtures were deployed for the first time during the ESC (European Society of Cardiology) congress in Barcelona. With around 33,000 participants, the largest medical congress in Europe.

Annemiek van Iersel, Manager International Projects:
“The lighting was not only magnificent as to the warmth of the light, but our client saved a large amount on the costs for power connections. In addition, of course, the cost of real power consumption also decreases. For our technicians, it was also important that the Ruby fixtures are quickly and easy to connect and that we also save considerably on shipping costs because the Ruby fixtures are much more compact.”

Used fixturesRuby Bracket
Control methodDMX
Project byACS Audiovisual Solutions

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