Aquarium Donostia

Every year, over 300,000 visitors find their way to the picturesque Spanish town of San Sebastián, in the north of Spain. They often come here to visit the magnificent Aquarium Donostia. The Donostia is home to no less than 31 different aquariums, the largest of which contains over 1,500,000 liters of water. At the Aquarium Donostia, young and older visitors can enjoy themselves for hours as they gaze at the most remarkable sea creatures from around the world.

Besides the wonderful aquariums with their many fascinating creatures, the Donostia also contains a museum that is devoted to the maritime history of the region of San Sebastián and at life in the sea in general.

For the museum’s most recent exhibition, CLS distributor Outside Tech Light from Barcelona supplied the new lighting for the showcases. To create the most excellent light composition, a combination of the Focus Compact T DMX and Focus HP T DMX fixtures was used. TGA Studio from San Sebastian is responsible for the design of the exhibition.

On the photos you can clearly see why the Focus Zoom armatures are so incredibly popular with light designers from all over the world. Because of their massive zoom range, the Focus Zoom fixtures can illuminate both small and large objects perfectly.

Thanks to the internal slots on the Focus Zoom fixtures, extra correction filters can easily be added and with a CRI of 95, they are guaranteed to provide a beautiful and correct display.

Used fixturesFocus Compact GII T DMX, Focus HP T DMX
Control methodDMX512
Project byOutside Tech Light
Project forAquarium Donostia

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