Art garden

This artist’s house is located in Portugal. In addition to the exterior of the house, the trails, the driveway and the plants, there are also several art objects in the garden. Chainlight has been commissioned to provide a lighting solution for all these facets. To achieve this lighting solution, different LED fixtures are used by CLS.

Within this project, Chainlight used a lot of the Revo Micro. The fixture is illuminating the smaller art objects in the garden. Revo Micro is extremely versatile because it enables the light designer to configure the fixture himself. The villa is perfectly accentuated by the narrow beam of the Revo Micro.

Besides the Revo Micro, also the Revo Compact and the Revo Basic are used. These fixtures illuminate the art objects in the garden. The Revo series are equipped with IP67 rating and are therefore resistant to all weather conditions.

Used fixturesRevo Basic, Revo Compact Basic, Revo Micro Basic
Project byChainlight
Project forPrivate villa

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